Second time mother - Son is 9yrs old and new baby born girl

Vanisha is a godsend. I’d forgotten almost everything from my first pregnancy, she came over and sat and talked with me and helped me set out my birth plan and also sat with both myself and my partner and gave us valuable information that prepared us for the birth of our daughter. 

I had breastfed my eldest for over 1.5 years and thought breastfeeding my second child would be the same experience but I had difficulty with breastfeeding in the first few days, so I called Vanisha and she came round, her knowledge about breastfeeding was invaluable and she came round with some delicious home cooked food, sat and listened she helped us adjust to being a family of 4 and  her calming presence, support and care were just what we needed 

K mother to 1 boy and 1 girl

Vanisha is extremely personable and knowledgeable - her extensive background in childminding and breastfeeding education is invaluable to her postnatal services. The fact that she is a mother herself only adds to her softness and understanding when she worked with me and my baby.

I would 100% recommend Vanisha for her many reasons, her promptness and reliability, her knowledge, her heart, her spirit.

Vanisha took the time during our first post natal session to ask me questions about my mental health and how i was coping post baby. I really appreciated this because it was an opportunity fro me to open up and speak to her mother to mother about the day in and day out difficulties - this created the foundation for our work together - work that was profound and healing on a deep level

Maia mother to 1 girl

I have found Vanisha consistently reliable and efficient and scrupulously honest. She has a good sense you humour and is blessed with plenty of common sense. I have a high regard for her abilities. She also has the endorsement of my children, something which speaks for itself and is probably more important.

Kate mother of 3 boys

Vanisha stood out as a person who really engaged my daughter, talking to her and asking questions and being really interested in the things she was up to. She is calm and unflappable and has time and energy. She exudes a gentle control and firmness which means she keeps the children content

Annette mother of 2 girls

Our youngest son has Down's syndrome and was born with an amazing smile and giggle and lots of problems, Vanisha not only brought the smile out wider but helped him successfully meet his early challenging milestones, physio and speech and language daily and a ' not give up ' attitude.

Vanisha is calm, patient, thoughtful, reliable and extremely thorough in whatever she does. She is always looking for ways to improve her skills. She is extremely talented and experienced in her field of work

Julie mother of 1 girl and 1 boy

She is very pro active, she takes our children on outings frequently and to various organised playgroups for her to attend on a regular basis and she always lines up fun activities for my children to do during the school holidays. She has a good awareness of the children's needs for learning time, free playtime and down time. Finally she is good fun to be with, the children genuinely enjoy her company and are very fond of her

Aline mother of 3 girls

Trips to the seaside, trips to the woods, fruit and vegetable picking, foraging, art at home, baking, picnics and a Little bit of downtime. I know when I leave my children with Vanisha they will have a happy, fulfilled time. She is a first class childminder.

Tiggey mother of 2 girls