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In summer 2018 I was one of a few women to be asked to take part and to also be a guest speaker in the UK's first ever black breastfeeding week event which was also streamed live across Facebook and to America.

The topic I chose to talk about was breastfeeding as a black mother and supporting breastfeeding as a black woman and the difficulties encountered due to lack of diversity and representation in mainstream literature and posters as well as online and how we can combat the problem


Videos, articles and more

Ihave also written articles on breastfeeding for the Breastfeeding Network     ( BFN ) and for the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers ( ABM ) to highlight the lack of representation within the mainstream of images and literature of women of colour breastfeeding /chestfeeding and how breastfeeding organisations and professionals can help change that and how they can better support people of colour 

BFN article Summer 2018 is on Page 5

ABM article Summer 2019

I was awarded a Highly commended award from the London borough Haringey for my work supporting Breast-feeding parents 


I’m here for birthing people youtube video

Abuela and friends #don’trushchallenge youtube video

All4Birth: Reflecting on 'UK Black Breastfeeding Week 2021'

Speaking out for black babywearing

My small business spotlight for parents in business online magazine

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