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Bias awareness workshop

Bias awareness workshop is an introduction level workshop on bias.

It is for anyone thinking about doing some work on their own bias and finds the current information out there too overwhelming. This is a great first step towards change and personal growth

Aims of the workshop

Introduction to bias and what it is. 

Learn about bias and micro aggressions in a safe place.

It’s affects on the people around us.

How it affects our actions and words

Raising things into consciousness.


This is an introduction workshop that is aimed at starting an uncomfortable conversation for all that are in roles that directly or through managerial roles provide support to all of the public including people who are black, brown, ethnic minority and other marginalised people. 

If you can think of anyone who would benefit from our workshop please feel free to share and pass on our details 


I’d like for you to ask yourself an honest question or two about yourself 

Do you think you have bias? ( conscious or unconscious )

Do you think there is work to be done to tackle bias within your organisation / practice?

Reviews from previous workshops 


'I really enjoyed the workshop.  The content hit the right note of being directed teaching and self-exploratory reflection, which made for two powerful and insightful evenings.'


'You have a brilliant way of tackling difficult and heavy topics whilst still maintaining the energy of the workshop and a good dose of humour at the appropriate moments.  You are a great facilitator and very quickly brought the group together in a way which enabled participants to feel safe, and able to share and reflect.'


'A great training course which provided a lot of insight and opportunity for reflection, which in turn has enabled a renewed invigoration for change.'

'I really enjoyed the course and felt at ease with you as a course provider, the group and the content. Thanks 💚'


Thank you for your thought provoking course. You left us with plenty to think about, and you created a space for us to consider heavy topics and ask questions with an opportunity to explore how we can tackle our own biases. All done at a pace and with a delivery that kept our attention and encouraged us to stay curious 

Feeding workshops 


Group feeding workshops

Informed and supported care is best

Group Feeding workshop for parents, carers and also Birth workers and doulas with little to no feeding knowledge

This is an informed workshop about the realities of feding a little human

If group workshops are not for you, you also can get in touch to book a personal feeding session 

When talking to parents about their expectations and the reality infant feeding it is always helpful to have some visual aids on hand, this is because quite a few parents may not know what you are referring to and will need a point of reference.

Most Ante natal feeding workshops / sessions that parents take don't do this but I do because I believe visual aids are a great tool for any educational learning, but think it is even more essential when sharing infant feeding knowledge.


Bias awareness workshops '23

22nd & 23rd Aug

26th & 27th Sept 

24th & 25th Oct

21st & 22nd Nov

12th & 13th Dec

Group Infant feeding workshop' 23

26th July

24th Aug

20th Sept

18th Oct

29th Nov

19th Dec

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