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Pregnant belly
Supporting parents through
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

The care you deserve

I believe it is important for parents to understand their choices and be able to make informed decisions when it comes to birth and their babies, after all it is your baby and your birth journey.

Every birth is special. Whether it takes place at the hospital or a home, each is beautiful and deserving of celebration. No matter how you birth your baby anyone can benefit from having a doula. Its best to contact a doula is as early as possible so that the doula of your choice has time to check their availability and fit you into their schedule. This will also allow you and your doula to both get to know one another beforehand and to discuss your plans for labour, birth and beyond. It also gives you time to explore your options. A doula will be knowledgeable about birth and your partner knows all about you and together we can make a perfect team to support you through your birth journey. A doula is not only there to help and support the mother/birthing parent but is also there to help and support the partner too and to encourage your partner to support you as well, as a majority of the time they want to be included and just don't know how much of a support they can be

Ante Natal care - Informative and compassionate

We will begin our journey with an initial meet and greet. Have limited availability for births right now but as your Doula I am committed to you and your partner/family and the well being of your growing family. I am available to support you throughout your pregnancy and the birth and will provide continuous support. I can help prepare parents so that they can make informed choices about the kind of birth the envision

Post Natal care - Here for you

As your Post natal Doula I can help your family in the early days.

The first few weeks and months with your new baby are very important and every parent should be able to get the support they need to connect with their baby and to feel confident in their abilities as a parent  

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